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새로운 업데이트 Surveyheart: Form, Poll & Quiz 무료로

“SurveyHeart: Form, Poll & Quiz” 주제에 대한 정보를 찾고 있습니다. depvoithiennhien.com은(는) 이 문서의 질문에 답변하기 위해 정보를 합성합니다. 보고 싶은 정보를 찾으려면 이 기사를 끝까지 읽으십시오. 여기에서 다른 관련 기사를 확인할 수도 있습니다: 새로 업데이트된 기사 296+개 Create survey online, Free survey maker, Make a survey, Untitled form, Form app, Google fro, Survey website.

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  • 이름: SurveyHeart: Form, Poll & Quiz
  • 이 앱 다운로드 링크: 여기에서 앱 다운로드
  • 작가: SurveyHeart LLP
  • 마지막 업데이트 날짜: Dec 12, 2022
  • 범주:
    1. Productivity
  • SurveyHeart: Form, Poll & Quiz의 직접적인 경쟁자:
    1. Jotform Mobile Forms & Survey
    2. Create Forms Online
    3. YouGov
    4. QuickTapSurvey Offline Survey
    5. Nest Forms – survey builder
    6. Pollie: Create Polls

SurveyHeart: Form, Poll & Quiz 관련 동영상 보기

SurveyHeart Mobile App – How to Create Online Form, Survey, Questionnaire \u0026 Poll?

사용자 평가

  • 예능 기준은 5점
  • 그래픽 기준은 5포인트
  • 안전 기준은 7점입니다.
  • 품질 기준은 7점입니다.
  • 지원 서비스 기준은 9점입니다.
  • 커뮤니티 기준은 7점입니다.


– Create a Online Survey
– Create Online Exam
– Create Quiz
– Conduct Online Poll
– Make Questionnaire
– Do Market Research
– Make Application Form

Survey Templates
– Customer Satisfaction Survey
– Contact Form
– Suggestions Form
– Employee Satisfaction Survey
– Customer Feedback Form
– General Meeting Feedbacks Survey
– Event Feedbacks Survey
– Website Feedbacks Survey
– Registration Form
– Job Application Form
– Sign Up Form
– Seminar Feedbacks Survey
– Membership/Subscription Form
– Instructor Feedback Form
– Course Feedback Form
– Product Order Form
– Leave Form

Access your Forms/Quizzes online via

1. Survey Builder

Create surveys/forms with 9 different types of questions which are commonly used for collecting responses. In our form builder you can control your form access level to the responders like (i)whether they can view your results or not, (ii) are they allowed to give multiple answers or not, (iii)whether questions of your form gets shuffled or not.

2. Templates

Predesigned templates with suitable themes are available to reduce your typing work, It consist of 30+ surveys in the categories of (i) Feedbacks, (ii) Education, (iii) Health, (iv) Registration, (v) Food, (vi) Tours & Travels, (vii) Applications.

3. Preview survey

Before publishing your form, you can view your form as how the responders will view your form when you share it to them, so that you can correct if any changes required. For error free forms we are providing this feature to you.

4. Offline form builder

Native form builder allow you to build your forms without internet and save it in offline forms.
When you access the internet you can submit your form with just one click to that saved form.

5. Notifications

Get instantly notified for your responses the moment your responder clicks the submit button.
Live notifications enable you to be updated in realtime. you can also get summarised result instantly with that newly arrived responses.

6. Summarised Responses

Summary of your responses will be shown in realtime basis. Summarized charts are prepared immediately after response submitted. Get an error free results instantly for your surveys.

7. Export your record

Your survey results can be exported for filing and recording purpose. you can export this results as excels & PDFs as of now.

8. Themes

Your forms should be readable to the responders, it increases your response rate so we are providing themes to your forms for good readability. You can choose themes related to your survey content.

9. Search

Search options are available at forms and responses, If you are a survey builder in regular basis, it will be easy to get your forms by typing its title. Also if your form collects more responses then it is difficult to find desired responses, for that we are providing this search option to find the responses easily.

To catch the desired form & responses search option is most useful.

10. Edit

If you found anything needs to be changed in your form, for example if selected theme is not suitable to your form then immediately you can edit your form and change whatever you want to change. Most importantly it will not affect your already collected responses if any. fearlessly you can edit your forms at anytime.

11. Disable survey

To control your survey results you can stop circulation of your form at anytime, and again you can open it for your responders when required. Nearly 100% your form is in your control. After receiving desired number of responses you can disable your survey for having your desired number of results.

12. Autocomplete

Our autocomplete feature will memorize your previously generated form questions, so when you start typing the same questions system will automatically suggest that questions to you for autocompletion. So repetition will be so simple to you.

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5th floor – Workafella Western Aqua,
Cross Street 1, Whitefields,
Hyderabad ,
India – 500081
Privacy policy:

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