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정보 Pf Balance Check, Pf Passbook 100% 무료

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  • 이름: PF Balance Check, PF Passbook
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  • 작가: MoneyOnApp Mutual Funds, PF Balance, EPF Passbook
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    1. ABCC Exchange
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New PF Passbook में Full PF balance Check अब ऐसे होगा , New PF Passbook Balance kaise check kare

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Provident Fund App is one of the simplest ways to manage your organization’s provident fund. This app enables you to check the EPF balance through EPF/PF passbook, know the pF claim status, download the forms related to PF., and so much more.

With this App, you as a user will be able to:

Be Ready For The Unknown
You can purchase ICICI Lombard Health Insurance from this app.

Get Uncompromised Security
Protect Your Data With Bank Grade Security.

Manage Multiple PF Passbooks
With your UAN number and EPFO portal password, you can check the details of your PF balance with the EPF passbook without having to visit the EPFO e-sewa portal.

Maintain Online EPF Passbook
The traditional PF passbook is now online. It allows your workforce to check their case status and transactions online. With intricate details like the employee’s date of birth, the online passbook records all the information about employees and their transactions.

Download Online EPF Passbook
With your EPFO portal password and UAN number, you can download the EPF passbook. It shows the entries reconciled at the time of processing EPFO.

Check Status Of PF Claims
Stay updated about the status of your PF or Pension claims by using just the UAN number.

Calculate Gratuity
You do not require anything except your last Basic + Dearness Allowance and the dates of your joining and leaving to calculate gratuity.

Calculate Income Tax
This app allows you to calculate your taxable remuneration along with specifications regarding the exemptions, deductions, rebates, donations, surcharge, and tax amount, which is accurate down to a penny.

Guideline: While checking your Provident Fund Balance via your PF passbook, you will receive the following information: Name of the member, the details of their AADHAR, their bank details, UAN number, their contribution to PF fund in the previous month, and their total contribution in PF.

This is not an official or dignitary EPFO APP, and therefore, does not have any association with the EPFO.
This app does not carry any information. It just acts as an interface. All the data is picked up from other websites.
The purpose of this app is to provide a convenient means for the users to get all the required information from one single source.
This app DOES NOT store any information entered by the user, be it their EPFO usernames, passwords, or otherwise.
We DO NOT ask for any payment from the users for any of the services related to EPFO.
This app and its provider are not responsible in case of any harm, damage, or loss that may arise because of the information provided by this app.
By using this app, it is deemed that the user has agreed to all the Terms and Conditions of the app/ company and their Privacy Policy.

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