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정보 Koobits Parent 모두 무료

“KooBits Parent” 주제에 대한 정보를 찾고 있습니다. depvoithiennhien.com은(는) 이 문서의 질문에 답변하기 위해 정보를 합성합니다. 보고 싶은 정보를 찾으려면 이 기사를 끝까지 읽으십시오. 여기에서 다른 관련 기사를 확인할 수도 있습니다: 새로 업데이트된 기사 296+개 koobits login, koobits parent login, koobits app download, koobits app, student koobits, koobits math, koobits parent assignment, koobits price.

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  • 이름: KooBits Parent
  • 이 앱 다운로드 링크: 여기에서 앱 다운로드
  • 마지막 업데이트 날짜: Mar 6, 2023
  • 범주:
    1. Education
  • KooBits Parent의 직접적인 경쟁자:
    1. Ling – Learn Dutch Language
    2. Smart Phonics Readers2
    3. OptiLingo: Learn New Languages
    4. Hooked on Spelling
    5. Yask – Learn Languages
    6. Bricks Phonics

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KooBits Parent Tutorial

사용자 평가

  • 예능 기준은 9점
  • 그래픽 기준은 6포인트
  • 안전 기준은 8점입니다.
  • 품질 기준은 8점입니다.
  • 지원 서비스 기준은 6점입니다.
  • 커뮤니티 기준은 7점입니다.


If you want to know how well your child fares in maths, then KooBits Parent App is perfect for you.

We designed this for savvy parents who want to support their child’s learning. We give you meaningful data so you can choose the most effective learning strategy for your child.


Powerful analytics that show you the trouble spots. Use these insights to tackle specific skills and improve revision efficiency.

Track your child’s activities in KooBits. Motivate them when they are consistent, or encourage them to clock in their daily practice.

See your child’s full curriculum in a few taps. Pace their learning and stay on track with school work.

Get a sense of your child’s readiness with peer benchmarks, and use this insight to prepare them for exams!

As parents, we grow anxious when we don’t know what’s going on in our child’s learning.

This lack of knowledge creates unnecessary stress for both parents and their children.

But if we know with full clarity about our child’s needs, we can help them at the right time and in the right areas. KooBits Parent App makes this easy to achieve.

The app gives you a bird’s eye view of your child’s overall progress. It also allows you to zoom into the details, so you know exactly which skill to put more attention on.

With such precise analysis, your child will be able to cut down revision times, and achieve a healthy study-life balance!

To use KooBits Parent App, your child needs to have a KooBits Maths account. The data presented in this app is pulled out from this account.

To create an account, check out KooBits website for details.


3 Harbourfront Place
#11-01 HarbourFront Tower Two
Singapore 099254
Privacy policy:

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주제 KooBits Parent 와 관련된 47 개의 이미지가 있습니다.

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새 업데이트 Ling – Learn Dutch Language 모두 무료

Ling Learn Languages

주제 Ling – Learn Dutch Language 와 관련된 49 개의 이미지가 있습니다.

다운로드 Smart Phonics Readers2 100% 무료

Hướng dân tải Smart Phonics và Smart Phonics Readers 2 và cách học

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다운로드 OptiLingo: Learn New Languages 100% 무료

OptiLingo – Dreaming of Learning a New Language?

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새 업데이트 Hooked on Spelling 모두 무료

BRAND NEW APP FOR PRACTICING SPELLING! Hooked on Spelling in Hooked on Phonics App!

주제 Hooked on Spelling 와 관련된 18 개의 이미지가 있습니다.

지금 다운로드 Yask – Learn Languages 모두 무료

Learning Languages Ruined My Life

주제 Yask – Learn Languages 와 관련된 20 개의 이미지가 있습니다.

다운로드 Bricks Phonics 100% 무료

Alphabet Chant│Z z│Spotlight on Literacy

주제 Bricks Phonics 와 관련된 36 개의 이미지가 있습니다.

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