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“Acronis Mobile” 주제에 대한 정보를 찾고 있습니다. depvoithiennhien.com은(는) 이 문서의 질문에 답변하기 위해 정보를 합성합니다. 보고 싶은 정보를 찾으려면 이 기사를 끝까지 읽으십시오. 여기에서 다른 관련 기사를 확인할 수도 있습니다: acronis mobile backup, acronis true image, acronis mobile qnap, acronis app, acronis cyber protect home office, acronis full, acronis true image price, acronis backup.

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  • 이름: Acronis Mobile
  • 이 앱 다운로드 링크: 여기에서 앱 다운로드
  • 작가: Acronis International GmbH
  • 마지막 업데이트 날짜: Oct 28, 2021
  • 범주:
    1. Tools
  • Acronis Mobile의 직접적인 경쟁자:
    1. Simple Mobile Cloud
    2. IDrive Online Backup
    3. PreCloud: Encrypt file & note
    4. EnGenius Cloud To-Go
    5. Dropsync: Autosync for Dropbox
    6. Acronis Cyber Files
    7. #CyberFit.Tea
    8. Backup
    9. Acronis Cyber Protect

Acronis Mobile 관련 동영상 보기

How to back up your mobile device with Acronis True Image

사용자 평가

  • 예능 기준은 9점
  • 그래픽 기준은 8포인트
  • 안전 기준은 7점입니다.
  • 품질 기준은 8점입니다.
  • 지원 서비스 기준은 6점입니다.
  • 커뮤니티 기준은 8점입니다.


Protect your mobile data against accidental deletion, lost devices, and online attacks. With the new Acronis Mobile, you can back up contacts, photos, videos, calendars from your smartphone or tablet, and restore them all quickly, easily, and reliably. Easily migrate data from Android to iOS and back again.

More flexible and secure than built-in backup
✔️ Back up to the cloud and a local computer (PC or Mac) at the same time*
✔️ Protect your mobile backups with AES-256 encryption for greater privacy
✔️ Browse backup files to recover a specific item or make a full recovery
✔️ Access backup files to retrieve data from the current device or your other mobile devices
✔️ Manage all of your backups with an intuitive, user-friendly interface

❗Note: This app is not designed to work with business-oriented Acronis Cyber Protect. To find business-focused mobile backup app, search for “Acronis Cyber Protect”❗️

With a greater selection of backup destinations to choose from, you can opt to back up mobile devices to the cloud or local computer – protecting your contacts, pictures, videos, calendar events, and text messages. You can transfer, archive, sync, download, and recover your data from any authorized mobile device. Easily and safely recover or copy your data to a new smartphone or tablet — even to an Apple iPhone or iPad!


• 🆕 Newly enhanced and intuitive interface
• 🆕 Backups can run continuously while your device is charging
• 🆕 Recover without overwriting or replacing data
• 🆕 “Save Power Mode” helps manage battery usage, stopping continuous backups when power is low
• Retrieve data from cloud backups of your desktop/laptop created by Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office
• Ensure greater data privacy by encrypting your mobile backups
• Store backups to more destinations – choose the cloud or local computer (PC or Mac)
• Protect an unlimited number of devices using one account📱
• Access backed up data from any device, anytime, anywhere
• Automatically back up to your Windows PC or Mac via your Wi-Fi network*
• Save data charges with the “Use Wi-Fi Only” setting, or back up on-the-go via your cell connection📶
• Recover to the same device, a wiped device, or a brand new device – easily swapping from Android to iOS and back again.

Acronis Mobile delivers backups that are fast, easy, and reliable.

* Backup to local Windows/Mac computers requires active subscription to Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office for the laptop/desktop.

Acronis International GmbH에 대해 자세히 알아보기

Rheinweg 9
8200 Schaffhausen
Privacy policy:

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Acronis Mobile의 경쟁자

새로 업데이트됨 Simple Mobile Cloud 100% 무료

Before you Swatch to simple mobile Verizon watch this video [Important]

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IDrive Review 2022: The Best Cloud Backup and Cloud Storage Combo Service

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지금 보기 PreCloud: Encrypt file & note 무료로

Windows 10 EFS (Encrypted File System)And Recovery Agent

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다운로드 EnGenius Cloud To-Go 모두 무료

Giới thiệu ứng dụng EnGenius Cloud To-Go

주제 EnGenius Cloud To-Go 와 관련된 14 개의 이미지가 있습니다.

Engenius Cloud To-Go - Apps On Google Play
Engenius Cloud To-Go – Apps On Google Play

다운로드 Dropsync: Autosync for Dropbox 무료로

How to sync Obsidian 4 FREE · Syncthing vs Autosync

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정보 Acronis Cyber Files 모두 무료

Acronis Files Advanced: Easy, Efficient, and Secure Enterprise File Sharing

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지금 보기 #CyberFit.Tea 모두 무료

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지금 다운로드 Backup 무료로

The Seige – Back Up [Official Audio]

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[Backup Là Gì] – Tại Sao Cần Phải Backup?
[Backup Là Gì] – Tại Sao Cần Phải Backup?

지금 보기 Acronis Cyber Protect 100% 무료

Backup Capabilities Overview | Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud | Acronis Cyber Cloud Demo Series

주제 Acronis Cyber Protect 와 관련된 45 개의 이미지가 있습니다.

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